The Great Gifts of Traveling Solo

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I recently returned from a week long trip to Puerto Rico.  It was a trip filled with both adventures and relaxation and I spent it with my favorite person…myself!  Booking the trip was a last minute decision, so it ended up being a solo adventure.  I approached this trip with a positive, open mind and the people and experiences I attracted to me were nothing short of incredible.  It was one of those trips where everything just worked out perfectly.  It didn’t always go according to my plan, but I always ended up exactly where I was supposed to be.

Of course there is something beautiful about traveling to a new place and sharing those experiences with another person, but there are several benefits to traveling solo that you just don’t get with a companion.  Here are a few of them.

~ You are more open to meeting new people

When you are traveling with a companion, you will be spending most of your time with them.  Traveling alone opens you up to meeting people that you might not otherwise talk to.  After dinner at a local spot, I walked out with sightseeing tips, restaurant recommendations and plans to meet up with a new friend for snorkeling the next day.  Had I been dining with a companion, I probably would not have struck up a conversation with the bartender and those seated next to me.  Talking to the people who live in the area you’re traveling gives you valuable information about the area and access to things you might not otherwise find.  This gives you a much richer and more authentic experience.

~You are entirely on your own schedule

If you want to walk for hours around the city, you can do it.  If you want to lounge on the beach all day, you can do it.  Everything you do on your trip is 100% your decision.  You’re not limited to what others want to do and there’s beauty in that freedom.  Just remember to allow for spontaneity in your travels, there’s no need to adhere to a strict schedule.  It is vacation after all!

~You have time for self reflection

Being taken out of your comfort zone is a great way to learn about yourself.  When in an unfamiliar place, you are forced to stay present just for the sheer fact that you need to learn your surroundings and how to get around.  It is in these present moments that you can connect to your most authentic self.  When we take ourselves out of the everyday routine, it is amazing what we can discover.

Now book those tickets, grab your passport and get ready for great adventures!


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