Self-care Tips for Body, Mind and Spirit

It’s a new year and the perfect time to break some bad habits and form some new, healthy ones. Caring for yourself is a great one to implement and may not be as difficult as you think. As a society, we tend to take on too much and forget to take care of ourselves as a result. I am just as guilty of this at times. However, taking the time to care for yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually is essential to living a full and happy life. If we don’t take time to care for ourselves, it is impossible for us to fully give to others and share our unique talents with the world. It would be a shame to let your gifts go to waste, so here are a few simple, self care tips for body, mind and spirit that can refresh and inspire you to be your best self.


The easiest way to care for your body is to feed it nutrient dense food. Whole, unprocessed plant foods are what our bodies are designed to run on and are the best options for promoting health and well being.  Throughout the course of a busy day, however, it is tempting to just grab something on the go.  These fast food options are rarely satisfying and don’t give our bodies what they need to move throughout the day.  Preparing your own meals will not only positively impact your health, but you will save money as well.  The best way to ensure you have healthy options on hand is to designate one day of the week  for food prep where you can prepare what you need for the coming week.  When you have these options on hand and ready to go, you will be much more likely to make healthier choices.


Take time each week to do something that you love, whatever it is that makes you feel happy. Perhaps that is something creative like painting, writing or sculpting. It could be something physical like running, soccer, yoga or surfing. It could even be just reading a book or relaxing in your favorite chair watching the birds in the trees.  Making the time to do creative activities is not only enjoyable, it also inspires more creativity.  Sometimes it is in the midst of doing something completely unrelated that you realize a solution to a problem at work or are sparked with a new idea to make something run more efficiently.  Whatever it is that makes your soul sing, be sure to make time for that in your life.


This may look different for everyone. For some it could be sitting with eyes closed in the traditional way, for others it may be doing an activity such as yoga, running or gardening. Whenever you do something with intention and a clear mind, you are meditating and connecting to the divine within you. After doing this, even for just 5 minutes, you will feel a greater sense of clarity and focus.


If you think of yourself as a vessel, then you can imagine that you cannot continue to give, give, give and not take the time to refill.  Doing this will leave you empty and unable to care and provide for others.  Make time for the things you love and care for yourself.  You were put on this earth for a purpose so shine your light to the world!

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